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Default Noisy neighbors

Just curious if there is anything in the deed restrictions about excessive noise? There is a neighbor who is working on an older extremely loud truck and for atleast three hours or more every single night, they constantly rev the motor over and over and over nonstop. This is every single night and has been going on for several months, and unfortunately they aren't exactly the type of neighbors you can go have a reasonable conversation with and ask to stop. I know in the past there were many problems with them riding dirt bikes all over yards etc but that stopped when a deputy moved in a few houses down and they were pretty quiet after that. But a few months ago the deputy moved and now they have started with this every night. I understand that people have issues with vehicles and need to work on them, but this is nonstop every single night and has kept our kid up late for months now and they don't seem to be in any hurry to stop. So I was just curious if there was anything in particular in the deed restrictions that might help with this issue. Thanks!
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